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Introducing the new OZ 4×4 Under tray Trundle drawer!

It is the finest addition to any workman’s inventory. It offers more storage and offers secure and safe protection for tools, equipment and small sizes items.

Available in 3 sizes:

1500mm long x 750mm wide x 170mm high

1700mm long x 750mm wide x 170mm high

2100mm long x 750mm wide x 170mm high


Constructed with galvanised steel plating and a brushed aluminium face plate

Single chrome T-lock with key lock barrel with triple ‘lock’ system. Additional rods are present on either side of the lock to ensure that when locked, shifting weight or additional prying will not open the drawer.

Plastic capped lock barrel to protect against weather

Undertray drawer is capable of carrying up to 150kg of evenly distributed load

Offers secure and safe protection for your tools and small items

Water and weather resistant

2 x Keys Included

You require a minimum clearance of 180mm between the underside of the tray and the top of the chassis. There should be no obstacles in this space between the chassis runners x the length of the tray x the 180mm in height.

Product code: 2100T RUN DLE

Under Tray Tool Box Trundle Drawer 2100mm Ute Roller Drawer SINGLE CAB


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